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chef jeff miskiri, founder & owner
toya miskiri, vice president

Chef Jeffeary Miskiri is Founder & Owner of a unique collective of Black, family and woman-owned products and restaurants in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area with a proven commitment of excellence to the communities they serve. Chef Miskiri's wife, Shatorya Miskiri, is the brainchild behind the brands and is Co-Founder of Creole on 14th, Soul Juice, Suga & Spice and Miss Toya's Crab & Daiquiri House.

The Miskiris products and restaurants include Po Boy Jim located at 709 H Street NE in the bustling Atlas District, Creole on 14th at 3345 14th Street NW at the Tivoli Square project—home to the historic Tivoli Theater in Columbia Heights, as well as, Soul Juice, Suga & Spice and Miss Toya's Crab & Daiquiri House its newest concepts.




Uranium Tesfai started his restaurant experience at Riderwood Village when he was 16. Uranium started off at the server position, and he continued to move around Riderwood Village and worked various positions in the back of the house, front of the house, & catering departments. When Uranium started to pursue higher education at 18, he moved on to a fast service restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings, where he made tips as a server while enrolling at University of Maryland, College Park. Uranium was still hungry to learn more skills in the hospitality industry. So, he applied for Maryland Bartenders Academy at 21, and he received a certificate. The academy told Uranium that Po Boy Jim was hiring for a bartender. Uranium was persistent in getting a bartender position at Po Boy Jim, however, in his interview with Chef Jeffeary, he suggested starting off as a server. Uranium took the position, and he worked his way up to bartender & general managing both locations (pre-COVID-19) at 23. Uranium eventually received his Bachelor's Degree in Sociology at 24, so he could better assist with different roles in Chef Jeffeary’s business ventures at Miskiri Hospitality Group.




Daouda Coulibaly began his culinary experience at Riderwood Village when he was 17. After successfully completing various restaurant positions, he wanted to focus on his passion for cooking and making gourmet dishes. He started to work under Executive Chef Carlos for 4 years, until he was 21. Once, he parted ways with Riderwood Village, Daouda entered culinary school, so he could have a more technical approach to cooking and sharpen his skill set. After he completed culinary school, he entered the workforce again, this time as a chef for Ruby Tuesday. Eventually, he was offered a line cook position at Po Boy Jim, when he was 23. He worked under Chef Jeffeary for 4 years, and he has grown into the role of being his executive chef. Daouda has created five-star award-winning dishes for Miskiri Hospitality Group at one of its newest restaurants, Creole on 14th.