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Po Boy Jim Brings New Orleans Originality to D.C.

Source: AFRO News

The AFRO spoke with Miskiri, 29, on his journey of opening Po Boy Jim in 2014 with the help of his mother, Rebecca Antoine, and cousin, Ian Reid. The pair are co-owners of business and the inspiration for its name: “Jim” is actually an abbreviation for Jeff, Ian and “mothers.”

Before opening the restaurant, Miskiri was focused on obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He had previously attended Montgomery College, Prince George’s Community College and University of Maryland University College. After realizing he wanted to open a restaurant, he combined his education and his mother and aunts’ experience in the food industry to carry out his plan.

“I always had the passion for cooking food,” he said. “I was forced to have the task and the responsibility to cook the food for everyone while my mom and her sisters were out working.”

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